Monday Night Ptolus

22nd of Wind

Phon and the Pale Dogs

The Streets of Midtown

Taybor, Akkrist, Tharivol, and Perkins are walking the streets of Midtown when they hear a cry from an alley. They discover a young woman (Phon Quartermail) being attacked by two young thugs. Tharivol acts quickly, a vivid cone of clashing colors springs forth from his hands and Phon drops unconscious along with her two attackers. The party quickly trusses up the thugs and as they come to Perkins steps forward and threatens them with their lives if they don’t talk.


While Perkins threatens the thugs, Taybor tries to calm Phon. She relaxes a little when he steps between her and the tied up thugs, breaking here terrified stare. Upon questioning her, she reveals that she has no idea why she would be attacked. Taybor believes her.

The first thug confesses to Perkins that his name is Ortry, he’s part of a group called the Pale Dogs. Ortry reveals that he was hired by someone named Doffel to kill Phon. This wasn’t a hit put out by The Pale Dogs. The party discovers a note setting up a meet with Doffel later that night.

They decide against killing Ortry and his companion. Instead they deliver the thugs to the City Watch while Taybor escorts Phon back to her home. The City Watch thanks Tharivol and company and pay them 1g each for their troubles.

The Red Warehouse

The party quickly moves into the Longbottom neighborhood and finds the red warehouse mentioned in Ortry’s note. They post up around the warehouse, hiding from plain view. Tharivol sends his raven familiar into the air and asks the raven to scout the roof of the building. The familiar sees nothing, but upon it’s return it seems restless and irritable. Half an hour later the party witnesses an elf quickly open the lock on the door of the building and slip inside, leaving the door open.


Without much else to go on, the party decides to enter the warehouse. Akkrist slips in the door, but is immediately spotted by a humanoid at the far end of the warehouse. He has trouble making out features in the dim light. The figure calls out “Who are you?”, to which Akkrist replies “I’m a Pale Dog that cleans up your messes. The men you hired are now arrested and imprisoned with the watch!” The figure at the far end of the warehouse responds only by firing an arrow, but Akkrist quickly slips back out the door before he’s hit. The party heads back into the warehouse but now there are two men and a dog attacking.

Tharivol strides in confidently, and again a vivid cone of clashing colors springs forth from his hands. The two men drop and Taybor cleaves the head from the dog’s body with one mighty blow from his dwarven war axe.

The party questions these men, but they prove more resilient than the Pale Dogs. The elf cracks and bit and confesses they were hired by someone named Torridan Cran. The human gives the elf a look, indicating that the elf’s life is now forfeit. Try as they might, the party is unable to extract any more information, and they turn the men over to the City Watch

With nothing much left to go on, the party returns to their individual homes to rest.


Felwyyn Felwyyn

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